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TAU ARM 3000 & ARM 200 SERIES 

ARM is the latest generation of actuators for externally fitted swing gates that is also available in the 12 V encoder version. ARM maintains the same reliability and strength as the electromechanical gearmotors of the P200/P3000 series. The new shapes adapt to any type of gate and have been designed to simplify installation and maintenance. Electrical connections are made easier thanks to the larger upper space and are protected by the special cable clip to ensure a safer passage of the cables. Access to the encoder is possible for maintenance purposes. The capacitor is incorporated. The rear connection bracket has been enlarged to allow greater flexibility to the new adjustable bracket during assembly even on non standard sized posts. The new quick and easy release for the less skilled users.

ARM 3000 Brochure

ARM 3000 Manual

TAU ARM 200 Series Brochure

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