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The rubber Park-It car stop is used in parking lots to effectively stop cars pulling into parking spots. Unlike asphalt or concrete, which necessitate frequent replacements, Park-It parking curbs are more forgiving of vehicles, studier, and do not break or need to be replaced.

Constructed of 100% recycled rubber, Park-It car stops include in-molded, highly reflective tape (in yellow or white) to ensure visibility and pedestrian safety. The rubber stops are pre-drilled with holes and are available in 6', 4', 3', and 22" lengths. They are lightweight and can easily be installed by one person (the weight per unit for the 6' curb is 34lbs, 22.5lbs for the 4' curb, 17lbs for the 3' curb, and 10lbs for the 22" curb). The flexible rubber design conforms to the contour of uneven road surfaces. Park-It parking curbs are covered by a 3 year warranty on the product, and a 1 year warranty on the tape (under normal usage).

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