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Eagle-2000 Series

The Eagle-2000 Series is the premiere line of Heavy Duty Commercial Sliding Gate Operators. The Eagle-2000 combines smooth and quiet operation with the power and durability necessary for all Commercial application. These Operators are manufactured in the USA with dedication to safety, precision performance, and dependability.

For starters there is the Eagle-2000 1/2 HP Operator which comes in both Fail Safe and Fail Secure Models. These models can handle gates up to 45' and 1000 lbs at an opening speed of 12" per second. Also in the 2000 Series are the Eagle-2000-1HP and the Eagle-2000-DM Models. The Eagle-2000-1HP uses two 1/2 HP motors working in parallel and is intended for the most heavy duty gates, capable of handling gates up to 45' and 2000lbs. The Eagle-2000-DM is a Dual Motor Operator which uses one 1/2 HP motor to open the gate, and another to close it. The DM model is intended for high traffic are with gates up to 45' and 1000lbs. The Eagle-2000 Series Operators are warranted by the manufacturer for 5 years Commercial use, or 7 years Residential use. Dimensions : 17" (W) x 17.5" (D) x 25.5" (H).

Every Eagle Operator ships with the new Diamond Control Board. This board has many unique and advanced features, and they all come standard! The Eagle-Power Series is a fully functional Battery Back-Up System for a reasonable price!

Standard Commercial Operator Features Include:

• 2 Wire Master Slave connection system, you can even use non-shielded wire.

• Two 120 VAC Power Outlets for the users convenience.

• Heavy Duty Gearbox for efficiency and quiet running.

• One Pass Tailgating feature for safety and security.

• Stop-Reverse to enable your one button Transmitter to work as a 3 Push Button Station.

• Adjustable Timer with maximum close time of 60 seconds.

• Outputs including 24VDC for MAG Lock, Alarm, and 24VAC auxiliary power.

• Accessories can be connected to either the Master or Slave Operator.

• Independently adjustable Open and Close Delay for Master Slave Systems.

• Power On/Off Switch for easily accessible power disconnect to allow easy installation and service.

The Eagle Power Series Battery Back-Up Systems enable an Eagle Operator to remain fully functional during power failure. This   allows the Operator to maintain UL325 and UL991 Compliance throughout an outage!  

The Power Series comes standard with 70Ah of battery life, which can be upgraded with use of an Extra Power Pack to 140Ah. The Power Series is powder coated light gray for a long scratch resistant life.

Eagle 2000 Full Release

Eagle 2000 Battery Backup

Which Eagle Operator is right for your application? 

Download Eagle-2000 and Eagle-1000 Installation Manual

Download Eagle-2000 Parts Breakdown

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