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Here you can download documentation related to the products we sell. Most documents are in Adobe® Acrobat format. If you do not have the Adobe® Acrobat Reader, please download it for free.

FAAC Products

 FAAC-400 Brochure

FAAC-402 Brochure

FAAC-746 Brochure

FAAC-750 Standard Brochure

FAAC-750 Installation Manual

FAAC-750 Specifications

FAAC-750 Supporting Box

FAAC B680H Brochure


Eagle Products

Eagle Operators Flyer

Which Eagle Operator is right for your application?



Eagle-200_Eagle-100 Manual

Eagle- 2000_Eagle- 1000 Manual



Eagle "Diamond" Control Board Setup

Eagle-100 Parts Breakdown Drawing

Eagle-200 Parts Breakdown Drawing

Eagle-1000 Parts Breakdown Drawing

Eagle-2000 Parts Breakdown Drawing


TAU Products

 TAU Speed 2-8 Installation Manual

TAU Speed Series Brochure

TAU F10 Installation Manual

TAU P200 Series Installation Manual

TAU B30-B45 Barriers Installation Manual

TAU Barriers Explosion View

TAU R14 Installation Manual

TAU R30-R40 Installation Manual

TAU MEC10 Board Connections (Text)

TAU MEC1000-2000 Board Connections (Graphics)

TAU MEC1000-2000 Board Connections (Text)

TAU D752M Board Connections (Text)

TAU Speed 5 and 8 Terminal Board Connections (Text)

TAU D754 Control Panel

TAU D755 Control Board

K550 Control Panel for One 110 VAC Motor

K120 Manual

K121 Manual

K122 Maunal

K123 Manual

K125 Manual

K205 Manual

K440 Manual

K550 Manual

K570 Manual

K580 Manual

EMX Products

 D-TEK Vehicle Loop Detector (Board)

D-TEK Vehicle Loop Detector

EMX Buried Vehicle Motion Detector

EMX Buried Vehicle Motion Detector II

EMX Lite Preformed Loop

EMX Loop Sizes and Characteristics

EMX Proximity Card Reader

EMX Seven Day Timer

EMX Loop Wire Installation

EMX G-Lock Outdoor Magnetic Lock


Linear Products

RRL Linear Radio Receiver

RRDRG Linear Long Range Radio Receiver

SCTL Linear Single Channel Transmitter

SCTLM Linear Single Channel Mini-Transmitter

DCTL Linear Dual Channel Transmitter

FCTL Linear Four Channel Transmitter

LWKP Linear Wireless Keypad

Linear MultiCode Brochure

RRM1090 MultiCode Radio Receiver

RRM1030 & 1040 MultiCode Long Range Radio Receivers

SCTMM MultiCode Single Channel Mini-Transmitter

DCTM MultiCode Dual Channel Transmitter

FCTM MultiCode Four Channel Transmitter

MWKP MultiCode Wireless Keypad

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