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Our Canopies have multiple applications such as rain/sun protection, car and boat shelter, social events, outdoor parties, camping, car washes, garage sales, picnics, garden centers, sports facilities, and more. Built from sturdy galvanized pipes and a stylish tarp, you won't need any tool to install it in minutes. Size for the canopy is 10' x 20' x 8' and the colors that are available are brown and grey. 

The canopy is sold in a convenient kit that includes everything you need without tools. If you desire a permanent installation, the canopy must be securely anchored after assembly to prevent wind damage. This is accomplished by using ground anchors at each leg (not included), or concrete foot brackets (available). Anchor Fence Wholesalers is in no way responsible for damaged caused by or to canopy as a result of weather conditions. Contact your insurance agent for notification as you would for any new outside structure.

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