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Manufactured from high quality stainless steel or galvanized steel, our razor ribbon and concertina have been specifically designed to provide maximum perimeter security for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Razor Ribbon® Helical

 Helical is the barbed tape for private and industrial use. The difference with other similar products is that the loops are not clipped together in a concertina fashion.

General Purpose Barbed Tape

This is a double coil, non reinforced product made from spring quality austenitic stainless steel. Originally designed by the U.S. Military as an entanglement obstacle.

Detainer Hook Barb® 

This barbed tape obstacle is the premier physical perimeter barrier available in the world. It offers unequaled physical protection and psychological deterrence.


Instabarrier non-reinforced is characterized as being the most versatile of all barbed tape products.  Designed for both temporary and permanent use, it permits rapid recovery and reuse.

Supermaze & NATO Barrier® 

Supermaze & NATO Barrier are designed for high density maximum security applications.  NATO Barrier was given its name after being successfully installed around several extremely sensitive NATO facilities in Northern Europe.


Maze barbed tape obstacle is the original long-barb, wire-reinforced concertina.  Maze is used in more minimum to medium security applications around the world than any other barbed tape.


Concertina provides superior deterrence and security while it is easy to install. It has multiple uses. Click on the picture to see some of them.

Flat Wrap

Flat Wrap is rigid, sharp, and difficult to cut like the Ripper Coil but wrapped in in a flat style so it will not be invasive to your neighbors. Click on the picture for more details.

Razor Spikes

Deluxe Ultra Barrier available in 5' length sections and 4¼" spike sizes.

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