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Hydraulics and engineering combine to make the models 750 and S800H powerful and invisible. The hydraulic drive unit is installed beneath the gate near the post to swing gates up to 180 degrees. These operators are well-suited for use on ornamental gates.

FAAC 750 Operator

Duty Type:

• Residential, Light Commercial.

• Gate leaves from 7 to 12 feet.


• Anti-crushing hydraulic bypass.

• Minimization of pinch points.

• Keyed access manual release in case of power failure.

• 100 or 180 degrees maximum leaf swing depending on the model.

• UL Listed

FAAC 750 Standard Brouchure             

FAAC 750  Manual             

FAAC S800H Operator 

The S800H is a 24V hydraulic underground operator for residential and condominium swing-leaf gates with single-leaf width up to 4m.


  • Continuous use frequency

  • Integrated magnetic encoder with bus "2easy" (non polarized two wire connection)

  • Integrated positive stops, no need to install mechanical stops on the ground

  • FAAC patented hybrid technology

  • Service release device

  • Integrated handles for easier installation and handling

  • Option to add BUS XIB interface for applications using NO BUS devices

 FAAC S800H 

Standard Brochure


  Installation          Manual           

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