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Stanley Remote Controls

Models 1050 (Upper Left) & 1094 (Lower Left)

Stanley Digital transmitters operate on frequency 310Mhz. and contain a bank of 10 coding switches. These models can replace Stanley transmitter models with 5, 9, or 10 code wires or switches and they replace models made since 1982 that use either Rocker Switches or Code Wires.


The model 1050 (SCTS) transmit in 310 MHz frequency, same as model 24911 10 Dip Switches Code Set. Not compatible with Stanley SecureCode systems but compatible with all Stanley's remotes from 1982-1997, also compatible with Lightmaker models and the old wire coding system (5 pairs of wires). Includes Visor clip, 9V battery and one year manufacturer warranty. 

The model 1094 (DCTS) transmit in 310 MHz frequency, control 2 non-SecureCode devices, an includes Visor clip, 9V battery and manufacturer one year warranty.

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