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TAU T-ONE Series, Master Series & Speed Series

The TAU Slide Gate Operators have been designed to automate any kind of sliding gate used for home or condominiums. Sturdy and reliable, the models in the 3 different Series are available in different versions according to the gate weight: 400 to 800 Kg (881 to 1,763 lb) in the Speed Series, 500 to 800 Kg (1,102 to 1,763 lb) in the T-ONE Series and 1,200 to 2,000 Kg (2,645 to 4,409 lb) in the Master Series. Beside the classical 110 VAC models, this operators are also available with the optional battery, which guarantees continuous service also in case of a power cut.


• The two 12V versions work during power cuts.

• Intensive use for low voltage versions.

• Irreversible gear motors.

• Practical manual release protected by a personal key.

• Rapid and automatic travel programming.

• Improved safety thanks to the Pre-Flashing function which indicates leaf movement in advance.T-ONE Series, Master Series & Speed Series

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