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TAU ARM3000 Series 

TAU ARM200 Series


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A new generation of electromechanical swing gate operators that include 12 V versions with encoder. For gate leaves of 9.8', 13.1' and 16.4'

TAU Easy Series


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Electromechanical swing gate operators with articulated arm for wings up to 7½' length. 110 Volts or 12 Volts with encoder. Reduced overall dimensions. Ideal for installations onto extremely large pillars.

ECKO Swing Series

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ECKOSWING is an electro-mechanical, irreversible, rod extension type swing gate operator, available in 110v AC version. The irreversible operation ensures the leaf is mechanically locked when the motor is not operating. A convenient and safe release system with customized key makes it possible to manually move the leaf in the event of a malfunction or of a power failure

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