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SS-20® was specifically designed and engineered for use in the industrial fence market. As the leading supplier of framework to the fence industry, Allied manufactures SS-20® with high tensile steel, and with our unique in-line continuous, FLO-COAT® process. SS-20® out-performs mill structural pipe both in strength and corrosion resistance.

SS-20 Pipes (Mill Length)

  • 1⅝" x 21' 

  • 1⅝" x 24 

  • 2" x 21' 

  • 2" x 24' 

  • 2½" x 21' 

  • 2½" x 24' 

  • 3" x 21' 

  • 3" x 24' 


SS-20 Cut Posts 

  • 2" x Any Size from 6' to 12' 

  • 2½" x Any Size from 6' to 13' 

  • 3" x Any Size from 6' to 13'

SS-20® is manufactured from high tensile steel meeting ASTM A1011 and is cold-formed to a minimum of 50,000 psi yield strength, producing pipe of exceptional strength. Independent tests show that SS-20® is 30% stronger and 20% lighter than mill structural pipe. A uniform application of zinc, conversion coating, and a clear organic top coat gives SS-20® a superior exterior finish. This carefully monitored triple coating results in a smooth, lustrous and durable surface that provides lasting corrosion resistance in all climates and under the most severe atmospheric conditions.

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