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Miscellaneous Items

AFW Access System is a one stop shop center. That's why we offer any kind security accessories and related items like security lamps, antennas, strikes, magnetic locks, proximity cards, controllers, etc.

Some examples are

• The Linear AP3 Digital Keypad Entry System for sites that have a single entrance of gate and can be used to remotely (up to 250') activate devices such as gate operators, door strikes, or door operators (up to 339 transmitters)

• The Siren-Operated Sensor (SOS) which is designed to respond swiftly to the "YELP" mode of all standard emergency vehicle sirens and open the gate to police, ambulance or fire-rescue.

• The hi-tech Omron Reflective Photocell.

• The remote, omni directional EXA 2000 antenna that includes mounting hardware and five feet of cable.

• BASE Card Readers and their cards.

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