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Model 760 Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator

The FAAC 760 is designed to automate swing gates up to 13 feet per leaf or a maximum weight per leaf of 1760 lb in as low as 12 seconds (90º). The series is highly versatile: you can choose from self-locking versions at opening or closing, reversible versions, versions with or without gate deceleration near stop-point, as well as rapid or slow versions (prices may vary). The patented deceleration system has both width and intensity adjustment.

The FAAC 760 model design includes a casing to house automated systems and make installation simple. As the jack and control unit are integrated in a hydraulic circuit, they ensure continuous lubrication and cooling. The exclusive hydraulic device, ensuring maximum anti-crushing protection, features two highly sensitive by-pass valves. In case of an emergency, manual operation is assured by a release system with customized key, accessible from both inside and outside.

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