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Model 750 Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator

The FAAC 750 offers a range of 3 different operators with or without hydraulic locking designed to automate swing gates up to 11½ feet per leaf or a maximum weight per leaf of 1760 lb in as low as 12 seconds (90º). The underground system is invisible and silent, and can operate 30 cycles per hour. It is the ideal solution for artistically valuable old gates and portals.

The system consists of a sturdy, compact, underground drive unit, and a hydraulic pump unit. All components are integrated in a hydraulic circuit providing continuous lubrication and cooling. In case of an emergency, a key-protected release device, in an easy-to-access position, makes it possible to operate the gate manually. The power of hydraulic locking gives the system exceptionally high resistance against break-in attempts.

Maximum Gate Swing: 110 degrees or 180 degrees Voltage: 115 VAC (2.5 A) or 230 VAC (1.5 A)


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