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TAU ARM3000 Series 

TAU ARM200 Series


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A new generation of electromechanical swing gate operators that include 12 V versions with encoder. For gate leaves of 9.8', 13.1' and 16.4'

TAU Easy Series


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Electromechanical swing gate operators with articulated arm for wings up to 7½' length. 110 Volts or 12 Volts with encoder. Reduced overall dimensions. Ideal for installations onto extremely large pillars.

Underground Swing Gate Operators



Buried electromechanical operator with supporting pinion, suitable for all types of gate, maximum length of 2.5 m (8.2') per wing. Its compactness facilitate installation and is particularly suitable for intensive use. The unit is perfectly sealed owing to accurate construction of all its parts in sturdy aluminum and positioning of the motor and reducer unit in an oil bath.


A 12 Volts electromechanical geared motor buried with a load bearing foundation box, adaptable to all types of gates with a maximum length of 8' for each single gate. Practical thanks to the limited dimensions that facilitate installation, it is suitable for gates that are used frequently because it will work even in the event of a power failure thanks to the use of a battery backup.

ECKO Swing Series

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ECKOSWING is an electro-mechanical, irreversible, rod extension type swing gate operator, available in 110v AC version. The irreversible operation ensures the leaf is mechanically locked when the motor is not operating. A convenient and safe release system with customized key makes it possible to manually move the leaf in the event of a malfunction or of a power failure

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