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Telephone Entry Systems: AFW Access Systems Sells World Famous Brands Like AeGIS™ and EntraFone™ for Applications From Single Residential Systems to Large Condominiums and Buildings (up to 500 Tenants per System).

Access Control: Key Pads, Card Readers, Key Switches, Vehicle Loop Detectors, Photocells, Preformed Loops, Access Control by Timers, and more.

Transmitters & Receivers: AFW Access Systems' Transmitters & Receivers Cover Virtually any Need. We Stock Transmitters & Receivers Compatible With Linear™, Multicode™, Heddolf™, Pulsar™, TAU™, Genie™, Chamberlain™, Lift-Master™, Master Mechanic™, Sears™, Stanley™, Wayne Dalton™, Moore-O-Matic™ and More.

Miscellaneous: Check these must-have devices and increase your effectiveness in security matters.

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