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Parmak Electric Fences

At AFW Access Systems we sell Parmak Electric Fences, which is the oldest name in electric fencing and the world’s largest selling brand. Parmak electric fences are 100% American made and we offer a fence charger that will fit your needs from low impedance, solar powered to AC models. The model DFSPLI (6-Volts Deluxe Field Solar Pack) was the America’s first solar-powered electric fencer and the current version is now low impedance and features exclusive built-in performance meter and the latest state-of-the-art solar panel with over 42% more battery charging power. The model MAG12SP (Magnum 12-Volts Solar-Pack) has the same great features as the 6-Volts predecessor, but provide maximum shock, longer live, and charges over 30 miles of fence. In the other side we have the most powerful Parmak Fencer, the SE3 (Super Energizer 3), which is designed specially for today’s large pastures - single or multi-wired high tensile fence. The SE3 features advanced solid-state, temperature compensated circuitry and Parmak’s exclusive built-in performance meter. This amazing 110-20 Volts low impedance device charges up to 50 miles of fence. We also stock smaller chargers, stock prods, electric fence testers, aluminum wires, PVC coated wires, insulators, accessories, and more. (Notice: All chargers are UL Listed).

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