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Allstar 3-Channel Transmitter "Classic"

The transmitter (remote control) Allstar "Classic" is extremely versatile. This unit replaces 3 channel all transmitters produced earlier by Allstar, Allister, Pulsar and Heddolf having up to 3 channels, including models "Twin Key". With its compact size, the Classic can be fitted well in the hood of your car or on your keychain. Allstar's Classic line provides both improved performance and advantages of the Quik-Code ™ platform. It supports different receptors: MVP Quik-Code ™, traditional Allstar receivers and any brand that uses a similar format. *

* This transmitter can replace any of these transmitters Allstar, Allister, and Pulsar Heddolf: 9931 931 9931 921 9921 8832 8832 832 TK 822 TK 833 TK 8822 8822 8833 8833 9931MT 9921MT OCS

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