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Allstar Leader Plus (Model LP 1000) Door Operators 

Combining innovation, engineering and reliability with a majestic style, a unique two-step system allows manual operation in case of a power failure. This operator is ready for continuous duty under any weather thanks to its durable indoor, architecturally designed to meet the toughest climates.

The Leader Plus has cam-operated switches to control travel limits, internal timer running for safety, adjustable internal timer for self-closing intrinsic ability to serve as a "master" or "slave", 13 LED lights to diagnose problems and give them service, easy conversion right position on the left of the gate, monolithic chassis welded and powder coated, steel chain # 41, remotes and support CGA2K ™ technology, which means many extra features such as:

• Listed UL325 & 991

• System shock adjustable and secured to vehicles and pedestrians.

• Controllable from an additional operator (Master / Slave).

• Timer adjustable auto-close (off, 2-60 seconds).

• Maximum self-adjusting career.

• Alarm when it detects a vehicle or pedestrian gate in the race.

• Experimentation mode installation settings.

• Electronic braking (dynamic).

• Secure Button Pad-Safe ™ (patent pending).

• Separate inputs for:

Access control devices (Button Controls, Radio-Drivers, Entry Systems and Detectors Vehicles)                  Sensors to avoid bumps to vehicles and pedestrians before contact (Photocells)                                           Sensors to avoid bumps to vehicles and pedestrians after contact (Bordes Electrical)

* Determined regardless of external factors such as wind load or the tailgate design.    

** 3 years in commercial, five years in single family residences.

Allstar Leader Plus Brochure

Allstar Leader Installation Manual Plus

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