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LEM1DL Access Sentry

1 Door / 1 Room

Single door open voice access control system. Adjustable transmit (front) and tone volumes. AC/DC power supply

•LEM1DL - Master station with door release button.

•LED - Door station (surface mounted).

The Boxed Set) includes LEM1DL, LED and the PT1210N (power supply).

LEM Single Master Intercom

1 Master / 3 Subs

Open voice communication. Push-to-talk at master, hands free reply at remote. LE sub-stations: either door station or room sub-station. Voice volume control.

•LEM1 - 1-Call Master.

•LEM3 - 3-Call Master.

•LEA - Room sub-station.

•LEAN - Room sub-station (w/privacy).

•LEDA - Door Station (flush mounted).

•LED - Door Station (surface mounted).

LEF Selective Call Intercom, Open Voice

From 1 Master / 10 Subs to 1 Sub / 10 Masters

Flexible System Layout, Intermixing Masters and Subs. Selective Calling from Any Master, with Hands Free Reply from Sub or Responding Master. Room Monitoring Capability. PanTilt Video Door Answering can be Added. Selective Door Release (LEF5, LEF10 or LEF10S with RYPA Relays). All Call (LEF10S), Door Chime, and Background Music are Optional.

•LEF3 - 3-Call Master.

•LEF5 - 5-Call Master.

•LEF10 - 10-Call Master.

• LEA - Wall or Desk Sub Station.

•LEA3 - 3Call Sub Station.

•LEAN - Sub Station with Privacy.

•LEDL - Door Station (Surface Mount).

•LED - Door Station (Surface Mount).

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