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Aiphone has become the most respected and reliable brand of communication systems in the world. Aiphone products range from simple do-it-yourself door answering units to sophisticated video entry security systems, complex microprocessor-based commercial systems, and luxury condo/apartment security and communication systems. 

Every Aiphone system is the result of painstaking attention to detail, with contemporary design and the finest quality hardware and circuitry. All Aiphone products are engineered and tested with reliability in mind. 

Aiphone is the first intercom manufacturer worldwide to receive ISO 9001 (JQA-0291) certification, and the only one selling in North America. In addition, Aiphone products meet ISO 14001 (JQA-EM0453) Environmental Standards which are a series of voluntary guidelines that include environmental management system, eco-labeling, environmental auditing, life cycle assessment, environmental performance evaluation, and environmental aspects in products standards. Furthermore, Aiphone is the first and only intercom manufacturer to win the Deming Prize (1981), the highest international award for quality control.

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